Alma Soprano XL For Sale

This is a fully refurbished Alma Soprano XL laser system that comes with 2 handpieces. Handpiece treatments include super hair removal, skin remodeling and resurfacing.

Electrical: 220 -240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz
Weight: Upper Unit = 33 lbs, Lower Unit = 100 lbs.
Dimensions:  39.7 x 55 x 123 cm  / 15.7″ x  21.7″ x 48.5″


Alma Diode Handpiece

Super Hair Removal

Wavelength: 810

Pulse Width: 10 – 1350ms

Spot Size: 12 x 10 mm

Cooling: Sapphire Dual Chill Tip

Repetition Up to 10 Hz SHR Mode and 3 Hz Pulsed Mode

Energy: Up to 120 J/cm2

Pulse Count: ZERO

Alma NIR Handpiece

Skin remodeling and resurfacing

Deep dermal heating

Uniform energy distribution

High powered light source – near infrared spectrum.

Pulse Count: ZERO

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