Soprano Ice Platinum Specifications

  • Type: Diode
  • Spot Size: 12×12 mm2, 12x20nm2, 15x27mm2
  • Pulse Width: Adjustable 1-400 MS
  • Energy: 1-160 j/cm2
  • Frequency: 1-10 Hz
  • Voltage: 110V/ 220V+20V, 50/60Hz
  • Net Weight: 176 lbs

Soprano Ice Platinum Wavelengths

This hair removal laser by Alma uses trio clustered technology which means it combines 3 different laser wavelengths through a single handpiece allowing for effective targeting of different tissue depths. It is an optimal and nearly painless hair removal process that safely works on all skin types.

Alex 755nm Wavelength: This alexandrite wavelength on the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum, provides a more powerful energy absorption by the melanin which makes it perfect for a variety of hair types and color, including very light and thin hair. With this wavelength the bulge of the hair follicle is targeted and this helps remove embedded hairs such as the upper lip and eyebrow area.

Speed 810nm Wavelength: One of the most common wavelengths when it comes to hair removal. This wavelength in the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum provides patients with deep penetration of the hair follicle using a high power and repetition rate with a 2cm spot size, this helps for a fast and easy treatment. This wavelength on the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum for sale has a temperate absorption level which means this is very safe for those with more melanin than others. This speed is perfect for treating the face (cheeks and beards), and limbs.

YAG 1064nm Wavelength: With the lower melanin absorption, this is one of the ideal wavelengths on the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum for hair removal on darker skin types. The wavelength also uses the deepest level of penetration of hair follicles so it can treat various areas with deeply embedded hairs like but not limited to the pubic area, armpits, and the scalp. This wavelength on the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum is one of the most effective laser treatments when it comes to hair removal.

Alma Soprano Ice Platinum Handpieces:

The Alma Soprano Ice Platinum comes with up to 5 different handpieces that can help your practice in various ways, from different spot sizes to speeds.

TRIO 2cm: This gold handpiece clusters 3 wavelengths effectively into 1 highly efficient hair removal applicator. With a spot size of 2cm, this handpiece is great for treating tight areas at the bikini line, face, neck and underarms.

Diode Laser Alex 755: This handpiece for the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum is best for the widest range of hair types and colors including light colored and thin hair. With its diode laser, this handpiece using the Alexandrite wavelength can provide powerful absorption in addition to its contact cooling.

Speed 810: As the name insinuates, this handpiece is great in executing hair removal in half the treatment time. Its large spot size will let your practice complete more treats by quickly targeting and treating large areas.

Compact 810: Using its lightweight design, this handpiece gives patients the most comfortable hair removal experience though it might not be the quickest.

Diode Laser YAG: This diode laser uses an ND: YAG wavelength and is ideal for darker skin types, this low maintenance laser that can provide your client with some of the best results.

Special Tips

Facial Tip: This handpiece for the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum is what you can use to remove hair in all the hard to reach places which include but aren’t limited to the ears and nostrils.

Disposable Hygienic Tip: Coming in packages of 10, this handpiece is what you can use for the treatment of intimate areas.

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