Syneron Matrix IR Handpieces for Sale

Apex Medical Lasers has (3) three Matrix IR handpieces for sale. These are in great condition and have been fully refurbished. Use in conjunction with the ReFirme ST and SR or SRA handpiece as part of the triniti treatment program via the eMax platform.

The Matrix IR applicator improves skin texture utilizing fractional elos technology – a combination of diode laser and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy. Micro beams are delivered in a matrix thermal pattern heating tissue to generate collagen production for younger looking skin. Expect significant improvements in neck and face wrinkles and rhytids.

Synron Matrix -Handpiece Additional Information

Spot Size: 8 x 5 mm
RF Energy: Up to 100 J/cm3
Light Fluence: Up to 70 J/cm2
Spectrum: 915 nm

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