Palomar StarLux 500 Equipment Specifications

This is a 2012 StarLux 500 in excellent condition. All the handpieces have been fully services and tested.

The Laser Type is based on one of the many 10 plus options available.

Speed: Up to 3 Hz
Wavelength: From 400 nm up to 2940 nm depending on handpiece
Electrical: 100 – 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz.
Base Unit Weight: 58 lbs.
Chiller Weight: 35 lbs.
Cart Weight: 56 lbs.


If you are looking to buy a Palomar StarLux 500, we have several more models to choose from. All used StarLux 500 laser units have low pulse counts and are in excellent working condition. All equipment has been fully test and performs to manufacturer specifications.Apex Medical Lasers owns all of their inventory outright, so you never have to pay a broker’s fee.

We carry many handpieces for the StarLux 500. These include the LuxR, LuxRs, LuxY, LuxYs, LuxV, LuxG, MaxG and more. Contact us for handpiece options and pricing. Not all handpieces are listed on our site because our inventory changes rapidly.

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