Palomar MediLux for Sale

We carry Palomar Medilux lasers and handpieces for sale. Provide your clients with laser hair removal and other in demand cosmetic laser treatments.  These IPL lasers are excellent workhorses for low capital investment with great return on investment. The MediLux IPL platform is a great portable compact aesthetic system that delivers a number of cosmetic treatments by using the appropriate handpiece. This IPL system offers an inexpensive means of expanding your revenue through aesthetic treatment services.

Features Include:

  • smooth pulse duration
  • photon recycling
  • easily switch out handpieces during treatments

Treatment applications include: laser hair removal, acne, vascular pigmented lesions, leg and facial veins.

Several units in stock with multiple handpiece options available. All Palomar MediLux lasers are in great working condition and have received comprehensive maintenance.

Equipment type: IPL Flashlamp
Wavelength: 400 nm to 1400 nm
Electrical: 100 – 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz.
Weight: 48 lbs.
Optional accessories: cart

Handpiece Options: 

  • Acne: LuxV
  • Hair Removal: LuxR, LuxRs and LuxY
  • Pigmented Lesions, Leg and Facial Veins: LuxB, Lux G

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